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Financial Aid

Financial Aid Can Help you Pay for Your Education

Staring an education in any field can be intimidating, but there’s nothing better than investing in your own future.
Financial aid can help alleviate some of the burden when you have made the choice to start your education at ZMS The Academy

Financial aid is a serious matter. If you are qualified, you may possibly be awarded:
Pell Grant: Money given to your education and does not have to be repaid.
Loans: Sub and Unsub Loans are monies awarded that need to be paid back.
Fill out your Free Application for Financial Student Aid and find out how to qualify.

The good news is most people will qualify for financial aid, this makes it easy to get started and not immediately have to worry about paying back your loans.
The bad news is, if you borrow it you will in fact owe it. So don’t let anyone convince you to sign anything you don’t understand, we want to help! Do not sign up unless you are absolutely serious about your future career in beauty and barbering.

Persons in the field of beauty make excellent income, so continue to be excited about the career choice you have made!