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Nail Technician

You have the power

to affect people's self-esteem, work flexible hours and earn a great income, that part comes easy when you love what you do!
Meeting new people and seeing their satisfaction is it's own reward. Being your own boss is not easy but it does come with rewards. To add being a nail technician
offers the opportunity run wild with your artistic eye and the ability to turn nails in to a work of art!

Nail artistry

allows you to be creative in a wide variety of ways. Some clients will want more basic styles, while others may request more flair. From single tones to wild designs, you can make people feel good and confident about themselves. Whether you are making them look good for a special event, job interview, or regular nail maintenance, you can build a reliable base of clients and build on their referrals.

Course Details

Length of Program: Min 4 Months to Complete FT Program Times: 8am to 4-pm Monday-Thursday
Curriculum: (Must Maintain Satisfactory Academic Performance)
300 Hours of Technical Instruction and Practical Training in Nail Care
Manicures and Pedicures (60 hours of Technical Instruction, 60 Practical Operations and 180 nails)
100 Hours of Technical Instruction and Practical Training in Health and Safety
Laws and Regulations (10 hours of Technical Instruction)
Health and Safety Considerations (25 hours of Technical Instruction)
Disinfection and Sanitation (20 hours of Technical Instruction and 10 Practical Operations)
Bacteriology, Anatomy and Physiology (10 hours of Technical Instruction)
400 x $11 Hr = 4400
Books/Kit/Labs/State Board Fee/Kit = 1000
Enrollment Fee = 250
Total Cost of Attendance: 5650

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