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2228 E Cesar E Chavez Ave. Los Angeles, California  90033  Call:  (323) 372-6132

Esthetician Program:

The Esthetician Program is 600 Clock Hours. It takes about 6 months, has open enrollment and financial aid for those who qualify.

Who is the best candidate for the Esthetician program? Someone who loves skincare, eyelash extensions, body treatments, waxing and hates wrinkles, cellulite , acne, hyperpigmentation and dry skin. The epidermis is the top layer of skin and is the one of course  visible to yourself and everyone else. Estheticians can correct the top layer of skin with chemical peels, exfoliation, microcurrents, led lights and microdermabrasion.

ZMS The Academy has a vast amount of microdermabrasion, cavitation, microcurrents, LED lights, radio frequency, high frequency equipment. Today's Esthetician must know their machines, as skin care products alone is not enough.

Did you know that in California there is no such thing as a "medical esthetician"? Many CA Licensed Estheticians are calling themselves that but it is not accurate. It would be fabulous if this was the case, but it is not. Make sure you stay witin the legal scope of your license.

Please check out our esthetician clinical lab at ZMS. We are open Monday-Thursday 8am - 4pm for tours. No appointment necessary. Or call us at 323-372-6132 to set up a time if you prefer. Estheticians are in huge demand as good skincare is a number one concern.

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