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How To Enroll

Thinking about attending a vocational school? It's an important decision for you and your pocketbook. Don't let anyone talk you into attending school unless you want to voluntarily. Get a good feeling about the school, visit, talk to other students, check out passing rates and see for yourself! Only then commit to enrolling.

These are some of the questions we ask prospective students when they come the first time for a tour:

  1. Do you live nearby? Do you have transportation?

  2. Do you have the time set aside for the length of the program to physically attend?

  3. Are you willing to study written material so you can understand a pass the state board test?

  4. Why are you interested in the program? Do you really want that as a career?

  5. Do you understand that the programs are not free and that you could possibly take out a repayable loan for your program cost?

  6. Did you visit and check out other schools? You must compare and see which school is the best fit for you.


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  1. I work full time. Can I attend on my days off? Best regards, Rachel Gilgar 646-288-8395

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